Do you like to look at the venue or speak to us in person before the shoot?

Yes. This helps to make a detailed agreement, plan the shoot accordingly based on the preferences, venue, people, event and other perspectives.

For wedding / event shoots, a clear list of event detail should be provided to me much earlier than the actual day of the shoot.


In which venue do you take portraits?

I prefer to take at your comfortable place either it can be at your home or outdoor. However, outdoor shoot is entirely based on weather conditions. For an indoor, I’ll bring the background with all the studio setup. However, either indoor or outdoor do prefer to meet in person to discuss in detail.


What are the package do you provide for the shoot?

Though I got optional fixed packages for individual variety of shoot, I would like to satisfy the requirements of my exclusive clients. Based on my previous experience, most of the time clients will get either stuck or dislike the compulsory packages which comes with unexpected / unnecessary products and quotations.


How much do you charge for your shoot?

As mentioned earlier, price depends on your preferences and it can be customised based on the same. However, quality will not be compromised and clients will be charged at a nominal rate to respect my professional service.


How far do you provide assurance about your service?

Altogether I got 8 years of experience in this field. Moreover, I’m using two cameras including Canon 5D Mark III and other top Canon Products for all the shoot.

As well the editing software’s for post processing are all fully licenced and registered with Adobe (Photoshop and Lightroom) and NIK Plugins which are the most advanced recent versions available in the international market.

Beyond all, followed by my years of experience, I’m skilled to capture those perfect moments with all the details, emotions and creativity.


When will I get my pictures after the shoot?

All the edited pictures will be provided as early as possible. However, it varies based on the number of pictures. Usually will provide within 30 days except for wedding where it takes up to 50 days.


Do I get all the pictures that you are taking?

Usually I’ll take more candid shots in any shoot and then based on the agreement set number of edited pictures will be provided to our exclusive clients.


What format of pictures will be provided and in which resolution?

All the edited pictures will be provided in both High Resolution and low resolution (for web usage)


How do you handover the pictures?

Edited pictures will be given in DVD in a secured glass cover.


What does edited picture mean? 

Pictures taken during the shoot will be selected. Later it will be edited / post processing using top software’s in the market. Like those days where they develop the pics in darkroom or in Lab from the film cameras. Pictures will be edited as individual image customised basis to enhance its creativity.


What is mean by high resolution picture?

Pictures given in high resolution mostly can be used to take larger prints. However, if you are interested to create a poster or lamination do contact back and the selected picture will be edited accordingly to improve its details, sharpness and overall quality.


Do you provide printing and photobook services?

Will provide Photobook or printing services for our exclusive clients. Photobook will be at highest quality and high resolution, customised options in design, printing papers, layouts and binding. All these Photobook / printing professional services incurs extra flat payment.


Do you bring and show any model photobooks?

Yes. Based on the query, I do bring different Photobook models to provide an idea about how our services are different from other commercial based only products in the market.


How do I contact you to book an appointment?

Just click the contact us option in the home page. You contact me through following methods:

1.Please feel free to text me using the same page. Not to forget providing your email address or other contact details preferably mobile number.

2. Email me your details and queries. Also provide your contact details preferably your mobile number.

3. Call directly to my mobile and can fix an appointment to discuss further.

(My email address and mobile number can be found in the same “Contact Us” page)


In how many days do you respond after my text or email?

Mostly I’ll check my email on a daily basis. However, will respond to your initial query as early as possible within 24 hours.